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Grow our Family


To Expecting Families

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To Expecting Families

We are Chris and Tracy, and we first want to thank you for taking the time to view our profile and for choosing adoption for your child. 

As you are making this caring, courageous, and selfless choice for your child, we can promise you we will teach them these same values; we will raise them to also be caring, courageous, and selfless people, while loving them unconditionally. 

Though we hope you will consider choosing us to raise your child, we know you will make the best decision for you and your child. Thank you and please continue through our profile to learn more about us and our life. 

Chris Knows Tracy will make

a great mom because...

  • She will make them the best grilled cheese for lunch on cold days

  • She will teach them a love of all animals, but especially cows

  • She will show them what empathy and care truly means

  • She will nurture their passions and help them grow

  • She will help them learn to read and write

  • She will hug them every day, when they're happy or when they're sad

  • She will tell them the lamest jokes

  • She will let them find their voice and make sure it is powerful

  • She will be there, cheering for all their achievements

  • She will love them, always


Tracy Knows Chris will make

a great Dad because...

  • He will make them the best scrambled eggs for breakfast

  • He will share his own wonderful adoption experience

  • He will play games with them any time of day

  • He will teach them all about computers to get them ready for the future

  • He will challenge them and push them to think for themselves

  • He will share his passions and encourage them to grow their own

  • He will blow their noses and make them feel better when they are sick

  • He will make silly faces and make them laugh

  • He will show them the best way to stir while cooking and the best way to fold a taco

  • He will love them, always 


Our Story

We are Chris & Tracy!

We met in Spokane, Washington, while still in high school, but began dating after each of us graduated. While dating, Chris decided to join the Marine Corps and left for boot camp. Tracy stayed in Eastern Washington to continue her schooling. Shortly after his boot camp graduation, we moved across the country and got married in 2010 in North Carolina. We had a charming courthouse wedding in the fall.


We spent five years in North Carolina while Chris was a Marine doing computer and IT work. During that time, Tracy worked part-time and went to school for her Bachelors Degree in Literary Studies and her Masters Degree in Secondary English Education. 

We have spent these years happily together and also managed some time apart. Chris spent a year deployed in Afghanistan, and Tracy taught in Belize for a semester.   

Finally, in 2015, we made our way back home to Eastern Washington when Chris completed his time in the Marine Corps and got a job as a civilian on the Air Force base, and Tracy got a teaching job at a Spokane-area high school. 


Together we enjoy playing cards, spending time with our families at the lake and exploring local restaurants, watching kung fu movies, cooking delicious meals, going to plays and comedy shows, and hiking with our dogs. This last summer we also started a garden that was packed full of tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, cucumbers, and other tasty treats. 


Tracy is also sharing her love of traveling with Chris. Most of our travels have been to visit family around the country. Chris' favorite trip so far was a surprise road trip to Myrtle Beach to go to Medieval Times, and Tracy loved visiting the Spy Museum while in Washington DC for Chris' brother's wedding. 


There is so much we love doing together, but we also have our own interests and strengths to share.

I'm Chris!


 I can't wait to grow our family through adoption because I was adopted!

So I feel I have a unique perspective to teach our child and help them

navigate this loving family. 


    I am an information technology professional, which is a fancy way of saying

I work with and fix computers for a living. I get to fix important problems 

       and learn something new every day. I've received awards both in the Marine

Corps and in the Air Force for systems I've designed, built, and implemented. The best part of my job is I get to work with the most amazing people on an important and lasting mission.


When I am not working, I love to read. I mostly read for fun and typically stick to Sci-Fi and Fantasy. Sometimes though, I like to read up on new and emerging technologies and how they work. My love of technology also has me playing video games to relax on the weekends. Games like AstroNeer and Far Cry help me to keep up with my friends across the country.


While I love computers and technology, I think it's important to keep yourself grounded in nature. That was one of the main reasons we bought our beautiful house in the countryside! Recently, I've been reading about gardening and crop growing. I hope that one day soon we won't have to buy groceries but will instead be able to live off of what we grow.

I'm excited to teach our child how to live and thrive in our modern world, while also instilling an appreciation for nature and family in all its forms.

I'm Tracy!


I can't wait to grow our family through adoption because I spend every

day surrounded by kids and can't wait to come home to our own.


I am a high school English teacher who fits many of the stereotypes: I

enjoy writing stories, and I love reading all types of books; however, I am

a terrible speller. My students get extra credit each time I misspell

something on the board... I give a lot of extra credit. When in North Carolina,

I was a founder of an after school program for at-risk elementary students, so I absolutely adore spending my days surrounded by kids, yes, even teenagers! I'm certain my students don't mind me too much either; I was honored when they voted me teacher of the year. 


When I am not at school, I love traveling the world or staying home cooking with Chris while the dogs wait for me to "accidentally" drop a tasty morsel. I have also recently learned to bake, so it has become my job to create birthday cakes for our whole family throughout the year.  

I also enjoy pretty much any outdoor activity, especially things involving water. I would be happy to spend any day swimming, fishing, kayaking, or even scuba diving. But I love a good, rainy day inside as well playing some video games, reading a book, or doing anything artsy. I have won awards for my paintings and doodle on anything I can get my hands on. I even wrote and illustrated a children's book. One day, I'd like to write an illustrated cookbook. 

Out of the two of us, I am definitely the spontaneous and easily-excitable one. That will never leave me, but Chris is helping me to learn balance and take joy in the slow-paced, relaxing days too. 

I cannot wait to grow our family and teach our child to be creative and adventurous!


Our Family

Even though we are waiting to be parents, we have learned a lot of patience and care by raising our two rescue dogs, Ronin and Max. Max is a two-year-old black lab/German Shepard mix who loves chasing birds and stealing cucumbers from the garden. Ronin is seven years old and looks like a boarder collie on stilts; when anyone asks what kind of dog he is we just say his mom was a dog and his dad was a dog because we have no idea. He loves taking naps and begging for popcorn. Both of the boys love when our nephews come over!


The biggest reason we are so happy to be living in the Pacific North West is the fact that most of our family is here. While Chris and his brother grew up in Texas, their family settled in Idaho. While Chris' brother and his wife are on the other side of the country for school, his parents are close by to come over for cookouts and celebrate each and every holiday and birthday. We also love to travel to see his grandparents in Arizona and Virginia.

After loving the time spent moving around as a military family, Tracy's family planted roots in Washington. We love the short drive to Tracy's parents' house to spend the summer days at the lake. While most of her extended family (including many, many, cousins) is in Wisconsin, Tracy's brother and his wife are a simple drive away, so we spend a ton of time with our two nephews. 


Chris loves being an uncle, Tracy is thrilled to be an aunt, and the boys can't wait to have a cousin!


Our Home 

In 2016, we bought our first, and hopefully forever, home! After growing up in packed military housing and standard suburbia-type neighborhoods, we both knew we wanted a little land to spread-out and grow into. We found that and even more! It was love at first sight when we saw our 1970's farmhouse with 20 acres. Since no one in either of our families have lived out in the country, they all think we are nuts.

We absolutely adore it and can't imagine ourselves anywhere else. 

We have spent the last two years giving our home the love and care it deserves. It has been a ton of work, but we are really making it our own and can't wait for a child to add their special mark on it to make it their home too. 

Our home is very spacious with a fenced-in yard, trails to a valley meadow, and a growing garden. While our land would be great for livestock, we only have the dogs and enjoy the company of the neighbor's cows on the other side of the fence. Tracy is also a beekeeper, and Chris enjoys the honey from afar. 


One day we would like a few chickens, and Tracy dreams of a donkey , but Chris has his own ideas about that one. He wants to learn more about homesteading and plant potatoes and corn. Tracy is looking forward to adding berry bushes and more grapevines soon. 


To Our Child

Even though we didn't have a grand celebration, we look back, fondly, on our wedding. And just as we made vows to each other on our wedding day, we will make a vow to you on your adoption day:

To have and to hold from this day forward

We will always be on your team, in your corner cheering you on. We will work every day to be the best parents for you.

For better or for worse

In rejection. In joy. In sleepless nights. In joyous mornings. In victories won and hard-fought battles lost, we will be there for you. 

For richer or for poorer

We're in it together. If we become millionaires or if we lose our jobs, we will always take care of you.


In sickness and in health

Through giggles and through sniffles, through study halls and honor rolls, and even in the thick of stomach flu, we will not walk away from you.


 To love and to cherish

Our hearts are on the line, but we promise to be present both physically and emotionally and to give you as many hugs as you need along the way. Anything for you.


Till death do us part

This commitment is for life. We are in it for the long haul because we will love you. 


Contact Us

Please feel free to contact our adoption attorney directly:

Mr. Mark Iverson

(509) 462-3678


921 West Broadway, Suite 305
Spokane, WA 99201

Thank you again for considering us.

We look forward to growing our family